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It's hard to find the right words... Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope all your bad luck has been used up at the start of the year and only really good things are ahead. I'm so very happy we met ages ago on the groups, you're a very wonderful friend to me and I only wish the best for you in this coming year. Thank you for friendship, Them, and being the best beta in the world. Also hope that you enjoy the eye-candy. I'm quite fond of him myself. *G*
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Author: Red Lasbelin (
Type: FPS
Characters: Glorfindel/Erestor
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine. I don't make any profit off this.
Beta: the very lovely [ profile] minuial_nuwing
Website: Red's Playpen
Author's Note: This is a very much belated birthday fic for [ profile] keiliss (two months and 3 days), but I did finish it, and I do hope you like it, love. And - I hope this qualifies as Smut With Heart?

Glorfindel had been acting strangely that morning. )
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Well, after an extremely long, stressful and frustrating day, I'm here now. Car breaking down on the interstate troubles, a fucking test and the fact that I really, really, really need to get a cellphone later, I looked at the date of today.

The 21st of October. I talked to a very special person one year ago on IM. We had been exchanging emails before this, but I suppose today counts as our first conversation face to face - in a manner of speaking. ;P

She lives half way across the world, completely opposite time zone and if you stuck her and me together in the same room, we would look different, sound different and have many other differences, yet she is my best friend and I never would have met her without this lotr fandom - and a cold. Go figure.

She is always there for me when I need her: an open minded person who is very giving and kind, listens to my moaning without complaint and I always know that if I need a sympathetic ear, or even a good slap to make me think straight she will give it to me, because she cares.

So thank you, Kei, for this past year and I hope we have many more. One on me, if I could have been there.

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Well, today is an important day, at least for an annalistic date keeper such as myself.

October 21st, of 2004, a very dear friend of mine signed up and installed Yahoo IM. We had conversed in groups casually before, but the addition of the IM really helped us along.

Six months, one coauthored story, two companion pieces, some arguments, numerous headaches, insanity, and sugar highs later, we are still friends who mean a lot to each other, which in the world of the internet can be a very respectable amount of time.

It’s been six months and yet I feel like I have known Kei for longer than that, and she is one of the people I can say knows me well in all the areas that count and hasn’t run away screaming in terror. I’m honored to be part of her life and I hope we have many more years to come.

Thank you, Keiliss for all you have done and continue to do, your influence has made me a better person.
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A little note for all the people who read my latest story, This Shadow. When I wrote it, I had never intended to write Erestor's side, hence leaving a lot of questions, but my good friend and beta [ profile] keiliss was inspired and wrote what I think is the perfect companion to my fic. This answers lots of the questions that would never have been addressed and it is a very good explanation for what happened. I really like this. I'm honored for lack of a better word that it is connected to my own.

So, if you are interested please head over to [ profile] keiliss or follow this link:

Oh keiliss

Mar. 25th, 2005 04:14 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] keiliss !



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I'm going to be gone Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon over to my relatives. If it seems that I am abnormally quiet, it is because I'm gone. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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My poor neglected journal....*shakes head sadly* I knew I had to update it sometime so now I 12:00am on a Friday night with my eyes barely open. *clucks tongue* oh well, better than nothing.


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taken from [ profile] lady_mirfain

If there is at least one person in your life who you consider a close friend, and who you would not have met without being part of an online fandom, post this sentence in your journal.


Nov. 24th, 2004 11:43 pm
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Geez this is hard. Well just she is a lot of things to me and putting it down on words is just not easy.

First, she is a wonderful friend. The best friend of all the friends I have made so far in this fandom, and I have no doubt that it will continue for a very long time whether I'm writing or not.

She kicks me in the ass when I need it...but when I need a shoulder to cry on (or bitch and rant) she's there.

She is a very talented author. And when she asks me for input on something I feel very honored.

She is a extremely good beta. She gives input, but always lets me decide for myself. She helps me out of the HUGE holes I get myself into *blush*. Boy there are a quite a few.

She is my partner-in-crime in just about everything, except the really stupid things which I take all responsibility. She has trained me well.

She is an excellent smut writer and over half the details in All Night Long are hers.

And last but not least, she puts up with me when I have some one that may sound strange but it effects me almost like liquor...very strange.

So she puts up with all of my shit, sees the real me and hasn't ran away screaming bloody murder.

This is only half the things she means to me and I love her very much.

Thank you Keiliss
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For everyone interested, Keiliss and I are working on a story together. If she doesn't kill me..I'll leak the title.."All Night Long". There's something to chew on.

We've decided to do more of the co-writing, so we got a lj [ profile] redandkeiliss Come visit us in the padded cell...*evil laughter* It's still in the works and we should be filling it soon.

As for me, I'm working on the 5some I promised the Erestor group. It's coming along slowly but surely (I think) However once it gets out, most of the credit must go to Keiliss, because without her..I wouldn't have it out, much less even writing at all.
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Oh this is going to be good. My beta, Keiliss and I are cooking up a very steamy fic. *evil laughter* I haven't even tried to write a G-rated fic yet. Not even a R!!!
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