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Well, I finally have unearthed my way out of the mountain of things left undone enough to update. February's gone so fast I really didn't have time enough to breathe. Through a bad combination of events, I didn't start writing my MSV2012 fic until February, I had to write that, finish the swap and also do my regular beta work.

Shortly after the swap, I got a stomach bug - my stomach STILL isn't the same after that. Combine it with work deadlines, plus the [ profile] oeam_bigbang challenge, for which I was betaing and doing art for [ profile] keiliss's fic literally last minute. Never let it be said life is not an adventure. (You should totally watch her lj - she's posting tonight and it is a great, entertaining, clever, funny and creepy story!)

I don't have any looming deadlines at the moment, so I've been able to read almost all of the MSV 2012 stories. I am working through reviewing them all, and I highly recommend people go over, read and leave feedback. There are some really great stories on there. I do have some personal recommendations: All Rivers by [ profile] esteliel, A Little Heat by [ profile] minuial_nuwing, and The Night the Sea Came In by [ profile] keiliss.

Esteliel's a gorgeous Elladan/Haldir, and if you have any fondness for the pairing, you must read it. Min's fic is stunning, Erestor/Gildor in her hands is quite good and well worth a read. And I'll read any story with Kei's Gil, but it so happens this is a brilliant fic in a time and its events I've not read much about and I think it was written wonderfully.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with my hair. I looked at a picture of me six years ago and was startled to realize I had not changed my hair in over 8 years (I have long curly hair). This made me want to run out and get a hair cut, but I have had perfect hair days since and it is doing its utmost to remind me how much I love it. It's incredibly irritating!

Very belatedly, I'd like to thank everyone who left a kind word for me on this year's VDSA, run by the ever lovely [ profile] kenazfiction. It was absolutely lovely to find the messages. I also received V-Gifts from [ profile] sbyte and [ profile] phyncke. Thank you guys so much!
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