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Need to update more often. Ummmm.

June SWG challenge fic is not yet finished but will be eventually. Have a strong urge to pick a song from the July/August challenge too, but fortunately I can't settle on just one. Life is very upside down and upsetting right now, but I will still get the new chapter of Flamingo to Red in a day or two -- yes I've been saying that for a while but I mean it now, cannot expect aspects of life to settle down just because I need a calm mind for writing. Need to get over that. Write out the angst the way I used to as a teenager (I can vaguely remember such a stage in my life, a long, long time ago --- and no, do not want those days back, thanks).

It's finally winter. Snow on the ground in Sutherland, rumours of a sprinkling of snow on the top of Table Mountain itself, snow on surrounding mountains. So yes, it's cold and we are Africa's children so we are huddled around our heaters, whimpering.

I swapped out my DW icons, I'll need to do that regularly. 15 slots, good grief. They don't let you buy more slots unless you have a paid account, which is kind of self defeating. Certainly not getting a paid account at this point. They cost more than LJ and I'm working with an exchange rate of $1 costing around R13, which makes $35 more than I'd be willing to pay for good antivirus protection.

My space bar is still jamming. The laptop is under warranty, which means I can't take it anywhere else, but they won't fix it under warranty as they'll call it wear and tear, so they'll come pick it up, take it away, fix it when they're good and ready and charge whatever they feel like on the day. I keep hoping one day I'll switch on and find it's just miraculously fixed itself. Might need to get my old laptop back from M though, purely to write with. It has a key missing but that's fine, I can type on it anyhow.

Grandmother section of the post under the cut --- grandchild dealing with A Situation. It was either this or one of the pictures where she looks like she's planning world domination - creepily focused eyes, dead serious face.
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Birthday Round Up - June - July 2017

Jul. 9th, 2017 08:07 am
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Hey there - I am doing the birthday round up for June - July 2017. Happy birthdays for those with birthdays in those months. I hope you have great days on your special days and a great year ahead. Much love!

On LJ:
03: hanako_lovely - .。+゚❤ DJ apple ❤゚+。.
06: prttyprncss05 - Susan
11: fairjennet - fairjennet
12: kellanbrodie - Kellan Brodie
16: dixiechick61688 - Amanda Nicole
21: larianelensar - Larian
21: elladansgirl - Jade
28: bella_sol - Bella.Sol

06: mirien - mirien
06: rhapsody11 - Rhapsody the Bard
06: musingsinthesky - musingsinthesky
06: tuxedo_elf - Tuxedo Elf
07: silverscripture - silverscripture
09: winged_embrace - ~*~ Renee ~*~
12: chaotic_binky - chaotic_binky
16: arthvaineth - Lady Arthvaineth
19: rainbow1907 - Rena
21: gad21 - Gad
21: aschicca - aschicca
24: nienna_weeper - Nienna
31: ckoddly - ckoddly

On DW:
06: prttyprncss05 - Susan
08: doeeyedbecky - doeeyedbecky
08: ceitfianna - ceitfianna
11: fairjennet - fairjennet
21: karenkk - karenkk

12: binky - Binky
21: gad21 - gad21
21: aschicca - aschicca
24: nienna_weeper - nienna_weeper
06: tuxedo_elf - tuxedo_elf
06: rhapsody - Rhapsody the Bard

almost alive

Jul. 7th, 2017 04:00 am
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Sick unto death for a week! I do not recommend having a procedure that requires you purge your insides just before getting a massive cold. It seems to break down any kind of immunity. I didn't even check my mail for days, and for me that's unheard-of. I owe replies to comments from like a week ago and there are posts I want to comment on too. I am so sorry, I just couldn't. I'll be there tomorrow.

Writing? Hell no. Even reading is still a challenge!

Happy birthday, Rhapsody

Jul. 7th, 2017 02:08 am
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bday banner

Happy birthday, my dear. Wishing you a year of achievements, happiness, and many wonderful memories. May all go well for you and yours. Much love.

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